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We are the Korean Company who Specialized Distribution Services in the Global


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BnC has a philosophy of connecting, sharing, and loving each other.

Sharing: BnC will share hope with business partners as a growth engine.

Connection: BnC will become a link between business success and happiness with partners.

Loving each other: BnC will share the joy of success through altruistic sharing.

​And, BnC has a management direction and a culture of mutual exchange.


There are six principles of C.A.M.P.U.S.

CONNECT - Connection: We want to be of much help in all areas connected with BnC.

ARRANGE - Arrangement: Processing: We seek expertise in the work and results of BnC.

MANAGE - Management: We will become a reliable company with certainty and reliability in the management and management of BnC.

PUBLICIZE - Share: BnC will grow into a credible company by sharing transparent business feasibility.

UNDERSTAND - Understanding: BnC understands that we must grow together, not alone.

STAND - Set up: ​BnC will be a company that builds each other up, challenges new things, and can leap forward and build.

About BnC
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Our Story

Since 2012, the patented bag-in-box using the filling machine manufacturing industry with Bib-Tech KTG.

Started with commercialization and a patent for cold/hot water devices and food distribution business using it.

In July 2018, the company changed its name to BnC, providing healthy food and various

with specialization in online distribution and wholesale/retail distribution through product sourcing,

and we are also working hard to develop overseas markets.

In December 2020, it was created with domestic organic flower farms

with the launch of our own beverage brand 'Flute & Flutist flower'.

We are also focusing on diversified product development and commercialization.

Our Story

What We Do

What We Do

Our Distribution Systems


(Supply Chain Management)

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(Strategy Enterprise Management)

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Our Distribution Systems

Our Selling Products

We are the Korean Company who Specialized Distribution Services in the Global Markets.

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Contact Info

Busan HQ (South Korea)
ADD:   97, Centum jungang-ro, A-1606, Haeundae-gu, Busan (48058) 
TEL:  +82-50-6617-0611

Seoul Branch (South Korea)

ADD:   20, Gukhoe-daero 74-gil, Manhattan21-#912, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul  (07238) 

New York Branch - MAKERCE Inc. (USA)
ADD :   4215 163rd St., #3, Flushing, NY (11358)
TEL:  +1-929-442-5040


Our Selling Products
Contact Info
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